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How to use our patient portal?
To web-enable you to our practice portal the office staff will ask for your email address.
Once you are web-enabled, you will receive an email with the URL link below. Please click on this link:

Your username is: first name last name year of birth (no spaces and case sensitive) e.g. if your name is John Doe and your year of birth is 1965, your username will be: JohnDoe1965

You will receive your temporary password in the email.
Once you log in you can change your password.

After your initial log in, you will start receiving reminder emails to get your bloodwork done and dates and times of your upcoming appointments. We may also send you secure messages regarding your medical care.

On the portal you can
  • view your personal information (and correct if there are changes)
  • view your medications and request medication refills
  • view dates of past and future appointments
  • send e-messages to the office.
  • we encourage you to download and view your clinical summary
If you need to make an appointment, or need to contact us for other medical reasons, please call our office during normal business hours (214-513-2300).

**Please check your email and log in within 5 days of activation, otherwise the account will lock itself and you will not receive email reminders of upcoming appointments.

Our Practice Portal information is secure. Safeguarding your information is a priority to us.