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Follow up Visit & Telephone Call Policy

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to change our clinics operation to help provide services to patients who cannot come to office for a physical visit. These changes have placed enormous strain on our staff and our ability to respond to phone calls, particularly with questions regarding clinical symptoms or medication adjustments.

Phone calls are not a substitute for a physical appointment with the doctor. Because the physician cannot examine or observe the patient, there is a risk of missed diagnosis. Phone calls are particularly not appropriate for the management of urgent, complex or new medical complaints. Unplanned phone calls may also interrupt our provider’s evaluation of the patients that have scheduled visits.

Based on guidelines from various medical organizations and Texas Board of Medicine, we have developed an algorithm for our medical assistants and providers, to determine when it is appropriate to respond to a question with a phone call.

  1. Patient visit is necessary (either in person or Telemedicine visit)
    • When the patient is due for a visit (e.g. most patients with diabetes should generally be seen at least every 3 months while most hypothyroid patients can be seen every 6-12 months)
    • When the patient has clinical questions or complaints that require an evaluation, examination, review of medications and/or review of labs.
    • When the provider feels that an actual physical examination is necessary.
    • Follow-up of an initial office visit – Often times, providers have to review laboratory or imaging results, blood glucose data, and recommend new treatments, adjustment in medications and discuss follow-up management or strategies.
  2. A telephone call is an option (there will be a charge for this telephone call):
    • To discuss minor symptoms or side effects WITH THE PHYSICIAN, that may appear between scheduled in-person visits, as long as such visit has occurred within the preceding 6-12 weeks, depending on underlying diagnosis.
    • To discuss minor changes in diabetes medications (small changes in insulin dose or the dose of oral medications - that requires your provider to look at limited blood glucose data) as long as follow up visits are up to date.
      • The fee for phone encounters with the providers is $25- $50 depending on complexity of call.
      • This will not be billed to your insurance.
    • A provider may feel that a medical assistant (MA) can call the patient back and discuss minor symptoms or changes in diabetic medications, as long as a visit has occurred in the preceding 6-12 weeks. This may be an option at no charge but is at the discretion of the provider.
  3. The health of our patients is important to us. Please understand that you must comply with required follow up visits for us to be able to take proper care of your medical needs.